An open letter to the Taliban (1)

We must all thank God Almighty for the exit of the killers and their agents from Afghanistan and for the hope of the exit of the Russian killers from Syria and the exit of the mythical Iran and tyranny from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, as there is a hidden connection between the victories of peoples and an apparent connection between the defeats of the invaders and colonizers.
In Afghanistan, the smallest victory occurred at a very high cost, and the achievement of the greatest victory remained by building a successful state that would stop sending refugees to parts of the world and provide its citizens with a decent life. It is our duty to help in this.
Division and fragmentation among the elites, and a sense of injustice and marginalization by some components, are the most serious threats to any country at the time of its creation and at all times.

The Muslim citizen today needs:
1- A government that he feels represents him, and he feels that he is able to criticize, hold it accountable, and isolate it as well, otherwise it is a government of tyranny not more.

2- Feeling that his government respects and takes into account the higher values and principles that the majority of people believe in and works to preserve and adhere to.

3- Providing a good amount of freedom in terms of belief, expression, organization, creativity and personal choices within the framework of public morals

4- Providing a good measure of social justice in terms of litigation, development, job opportunities and the distribution of wealth while preserving the rights of minorities, i.e. protecting people from the tyranny of the majority.

5- Providing a good measure of security and stability and feeling that the state is a guarantor of the security of every citizen.
6- Providing a good measure of economic development and prosperity so that people feel the power of the state and so that cadres and talents do not migrate abroad.

These demands are not many. Governments today have a monopoly on deciding educational curricula, imposing taxes, using the country’s wealth, employment, and using violence.. In return for all this, they must provide their people with what I mentioned.
What I referred to is the summary of my readings of our Islamic history and my view of our reality and the reality of the nations around us.

Violation of the first requirement means taking another direction that aborts the meaning of all other demands, and severe breach of one of the remaining five demands means entering into turmoil and perhaps failure and degeneration.
I ask God Almighty to inspire us all to guidance, to uphold the truth and to destroy falsehood with His power and authority.
and thank Allah the god of everything.

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