An open letter to Taliban (2)

Praise be to God for what He has made easy for our Afghan brothers to leave the colonialists from their country, and this was the fruit of a long jihad and dear shed blood. I ask God Almighty to you full blessing, victory, and liberation.

Dear brothers, I would like to make the following notes that may be of some benefit:

1- The whole world is trying to discover the new Taliban and know the way it behaves with people, especially those who disagree with it in politics, ideology, and vision. Your entry into Kabul in a peaceful and orderly manner has given a beautiful and trust-promising impression, and in this context, it is important to provide a high state of discipline to your soldiers as one bad behavior reported by the media provides a rich material to tarnish your reputation and isolate you. I know the difficulty of this task, but the strict instructions and penalties, along with the directions with kindness and good dealing with the population, reduce the problem so much.


2- Honest and sincere advice: Do not rush to change the formalities and keep an eye on the content. The truth is that I do not feel comfortable changing the name and the flag of the country so quickly. In our history, dozens of countries have been established and none of their founders has called their country Islamic, because that is self-praise, and so that no abuse of the name can be done through some behavior. What matters is the content, not the looks.

3- Imposing the hijab on women is something that Iran has done, and the result is not more modesty, chastity and piety. Rather, there has become a state of great and general hypocrisy, and today the majority of the Iranian people are not described as religious.

There can be laws to protect public morals, which are in accordance with prevailing custom, but without the obligation to cover the head and face. We want faithful, united, pious hearts and lively consciences, and this is not formed in an atmosphere of oppression and coercion.

4- The priority now is to prevent revenge, establish security and stability, and secure food supplies so that people do not migrate in search of food.

5- The staff of the United Nations and relief organizations need protection and a sense of reassurance. Moreover, they should be welcomed because of the country’s dire and severe need for foreign aid for so many years, and then these are the best people who can convey a positive image of you.

6- During the past twenty years, your sons and your citizens have become highly qualified in development, administration, and economics. These people must feel that they have an important role in the current and future stage.

Peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you.


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