An open letter to Taliban (3)

Some say: Why is this enthusiasm for advising Taliban?

And I say: The Afghans are our brothers, and we are pleased with what pleases them, and what harms us is what harms them. Here are some additional notes that may be of some use:

1- The colonial powers do not want independence or continuity to you while you are now under the microscope and the first months of your rule will give a mental picture of you that will be difficult to erase later, and the response to those powers is to make the internal rows extremely coherent and develop national capabilities to exploit the enormous national wealth. Take it as a constant rule: A state or civilization is not defeated from without, but rather it is defeated because of rottenness, corruption, and internal failure.

2- There is an international conflict in the region, and there will be many temptations to plunge you into that conflict, and this is something fatal. The problems you have which require tremendous efforts to address and solve are more important than anything else.

3- I hope that you will not use the authority and the law to change people’s thoughts and lifestyle, as you are turning them into enemies for you and for religion alike. Changing cultures and convictions is a strategic action that requires a long time and a lot of effort, and the rush in it always comes with counterproductive results.

4- I hope that you will send to the world and the region procedural practical reassurance messages that you will not be a source of inconvenience, neither in terms of drug trafficking, nor in terms of the flow of refugees, nor in terms of harboring such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

You are a weak country and in need of the world’s aid and sympathy, not its war and siege.

May Allah inspire us and you guidance.

Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you.

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